What Should A Seafarer Consider Before Hiring A Maritime Lawyer?

In the age of globalization, cruise ship companies seem to have almost unlimited leverage when it comes to setting the terms for employment, wages, and working conditions. Fortunately, seafarers are not always at the mercy of their employers, as long as they are aware of their rights and what they can do to seek the redress they deserve.

Many crewmembers are not aware of their full rights and protections, and as a result, can be taken advantage of without them even realizing it before it is too late. To help remedy this situation, Attorney Elias B. Rudnikas provides free legal advice to all crew members.

Before hiring a lawyer, it is best to sort out what kind of legal problem you have first. This will determine which country the lawyer should be licensed in and what legal field of expertise he or she must have experience in. For example, a seafarer who is charged with a crime and needs a dedicated defense would need a criminal lawyer that is licensed to practice in the country where the charges were brought up.

Seafarers can write to Attorney Elias B. Rudnikas should they need clarity on the type of legal issue they have and what kind of lawyer they should hire.

Once the decision to hire a maritime lawyer is made, the claimant must act quickly since there is usually a time limit for filing a case. In addition, the lawyer should explain the following:

  • What options you have for solving your problem?
  • What are your chances of winning or getting a settlement?
  • How long your case will take?
  • If you have to pay should you lose the case, and How much?
  • What kind of payment arrangements he or she will accept?


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