Cruise ship accident: Steps to take before filing a maritime claim

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Steps to take before filing a maritime claim.Cruise ship accident or incident are two unwanted puns when traveling by sea, however knowing about maritime law, and having a Miami lawyer specialized in international maritime law is important.

  1. If you are injured from a maritime accident, do not work. Heavy work can worsen your injury.
  2. Report the cruise ship accident in writing to the ship’s security department and keep a copy of the report.
  3. Go to see the ship’s doctor immediately so that you can receive medical treatment and ask to be seen by a shore-side doctor in order to receive better medical treatment.
  4. Write down and keep the addresses, emails and telephone numbers of all the accident witnesses.
  5. Take pictures of the accident’s scene, even if it has changed.
  6. Call us for information about filing a maritime claim. We can answer all of your maritime law questions and advise you as to how to proceed with your cruise ship lawsuit.

Maritime Law – The Rights of Crew Members and Seamen

Information for Crew Members

Crew Members and Seamen:

seaman in ships that visit ports in the United States have many rights and protections under American law.If you work as a crew member or seaman in any type of ship, you have many rights and protections under American Law. You still have these rights even if you are not a citizen or resident of the United States. You still have these rights even if you signed an employment contract waiving them. You still have these rights if you were sent home because of an injury or work-related illness before you could take any legal action in the United States.

These are your rights as crew members and seamen:

  • The right to work aboard a ship in good condition free of defects and dangerous conditions that could result in injuries or work-related sicknesses.
  • The right to receive monetary compensation for any injury or work-related sickness you suffer if such injury or work-related sickness occurs while you are working on the ship or for the ship because of your employer’s fault or because of dangerous conditions aboard the ship or off the ship.
  • The right to receive immediate and adequate medical treatment for any cruise ship injury, maritime injury, or work-related sickness that occurs while working on the ship or for the ship regardless of what may have caused your injury or work-related sickness.
  • The right to receive maintenance. This means hotel and food if you are receiving medical treatment at a port or away from home. If you are receiving medical treatment at home, it means a monthly amount of money while you receive medical treatment.
  • The right to hire a maritime lawyer that will protect your interests, not those of the company, and handle your maritime claims professionally in accordance with American Law.
  • ACT NOW. Do not let the time you have to file your maritime claim run out. There is a time limit to file these maritime claims for accidents, injuries, and work-related sicknesses.

If you have any questions or doubts about your rights, please contact us for a free confidential consultation in person, by telephone, or E-mail.

Our Maritime Law Practice is dedicated to defending the rights of crew members and seamen and to fighting for the well-being of crew members and seamen.


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Maritime Claims: What Happens if You Suffer a Cruise Ship Injury

Information for Passengers

Maritime Claims: What Happens if You Suffer a Cruise Ship Injury?Since the end of the 70’s, cruises have become a very popular vacation for the American middle class. Regrettably, there are a lot of accidents aboard these ships and many passengers suffer very serious cruise ship injuries.
The most typical maritime accidents are:

  • Slip and Falls and Trip and Falls due to dangerous conditions aboard the ships such as defective floors, and slippery substances on the floors. These accidents can occur inside the cabins, in and around the pools, on the decks, hallways, access ramps, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Cruise ship accidents during short excursions
  • Fires and Maritime Collisions
  • Poisoning and Sickness due to contaminated food and drink
  • Negligence in providing medical care when it is required.
  • Negligence in providing adequate accommodations for handicapped people.
  • Physical or sexual assaults perpetrated by the crew or other passengers.
  • Unexplained disappearances
  • Negligent navigation.

Maritime claims for cruise ship incidents and injuries

Maritime claims for cruise ship incidents and injuriesMany passengers are not aware that they can receive money compensation for injuries that result from these incidents and accidents on cruise ships. Additionally, they do not know the laws that apply and the location where the lawsuits must be filed. Matters are made more difficult by the fact that most maritime claims have to be filed where the main offices of the cruise company is located. The main offices for most of the main cruise lines that operate in the United States are located in Miami. Therefore, most passenger lawsuits against the cruise lines have to be filed in Miami. As a result of this, most passengers start their maritime lawsuits in Miami after returning to their home states or home countries.

Maritime claims and passengers’ contractual limitations

The passenger ticket is a contract between the passenger and the cruise line.
It contains far more than the itinerary. It imposes severe limitations on a passengers’ ability to file a maritime claim against the company and it must be read very carefully because it will contain all the requirements that must be complied with before a maritime lawsuit can be filed. For example, some companies require written notification of the passenger’s intention to file a lawsuit, and this usually has to be done within six (6) months after the accident.

Maritime claims and statute of limitations

The passenger ticket also contains that statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the time within which the passenger can file his case against the company. If the passenger does not file the case against the company within the statute of limitations, he will lose all his rights. It is a very short statute of limitations. It is one (1) year from the date of the accident or injury. More passenger cases are lost for failure to comply with the requirements of the ticket and the statute of limitations than for any other reason.
If you suffered cruise ship injuries during your vacation and want to file a maritime lawsuit, please read your passenger ticket carefully and comply with all of its requirements. If for any reason you have lost your ticket, please request a copy of it immediately from the company and comply with all of its requirements. Better yet, contact us– (305) 642-5000 – and we will help you comply with all the requirements and bring your lawsuit to a successful conclusion.